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We are really happy to annouce our "Blog of the week"; its "Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes"

The blog features Indian and International Cuisine. The blog has a huge collection of a wide variety of recipes from India and around the world.

Priya started blogging on 31st of August 2008. Priya is from Pondicherry, a beautiful town in India which was earlier a french colony, where she lived until she turned 19 and currently she is living in another beautiful and romantic city, Paris in France...

Her favourite cuisine always goes for hot and spicy South Indian cuisine,but she is also fond of a few North Indian dishes specially those with paneer..she is also a great fan of chettinad cuisine, for their delicious and flavourful dishes..

Her favourite recipes are Chettinad fish curry, Paneer jalfrezi, Naans with paneer makhanwala and anything from her mom’s kitchen. She says she has loads of favourites, but she loves the chettinad curryleaves gravy and paneer jalfrezi.

She loves trying many different cuisines from around the world hopes that her family members won't get bored of her culinary experiences. We are sure her family members are glad to be able to savour all the delicacies from her kitchen. She believes that her blog will be definitely a treasure where many of her readers can learn or try some of her creative works and many delicious dishes she learned from my mother. We believe that her blog is already a treasure of recipes and many readers have benifited and continue to benefit from all the wonderful recipes on the blog.
Her blogger friends, she says have been really very supportive and encouraging and give her the "enthu" to come up with many dishes…

She loves browsing and learning many new dishes through browsing, her recent interest is to learn French pastries and is currently trying to learn them through cookbooks and browsing. We hope to see many more recipes for delicious pastries on her blog soon. She also works on her embroidery and knitting..

Her message to the readers of her blog: I love each and every comments my readers do post everyday, i need all their supports and encouraging words throughout my existence in this blog world..

We really want to congratulate Priya on her blog "Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes" for all the wonderful recipes which have been a great contribution to the blogging world.


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